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  • ULTRA SHARP – Second hardest material next to Diamond. Never rusts. Cut your prep time in half. Quickly and easily removes blemishes from foods. Great for right or left handed cooks. The lightweight nature of ceramic means it is perfect for everybody including people with joint pain or arthritis.
  • HIGH QUALITY – From the CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic, which is a highly polished cutting edge to maximize the ease of cutting, peeling and slicing. (Not all ceramic blades are polished in the same way), to our protective packaging tray and knife protector. Our aim is provide the Highest Quality product to last.
  • STRONG BUT LIGHT – The CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra sharp ceramic blade stays sharp 10 times longer than a steel blade! It is extremely lightweight with an longer ergonomic grip handle for more control. Whether a potato, a cucumber, a carrot or any other vegetables and fruits. The CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra sharp blade will slice through most fruits and vegetables in record time.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority. We take great care to provide a quality product that meets your expectations and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are fully satisfied with the product you receive.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL – EASY CLEAN – The CHEFPRO CROWN non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy cleaning. Its hard nature means there are no places for bacteria to breed. Just rinse and wipe. We do NOT recommend using a dishwasher.


The CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra Sharp Ceramic Knife & Peeler Set

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic Knife and peeler set uses highly polished blades made out of Zirconium Oxide, a high quality ceramic material developed by the space industry.

Because of the hard nature of Zirconium Oxide it is considered to be the best material for knives. It stays sharp about ten times longer than its steel equivilent and will never rust.

Moreover, the ceramic blade will not oxidize foods and will not taint the taste of fruits and vegetables the way metal can sometimes do.

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra Sharp Ceramic knife set comes in display packaging that makes a perfect gift box.

What is Included

1. CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic peeler measures 8 cm in width and 13.5 cm in length.

1. CHEFPRO CROWN Ceramic Knife 3 inch Blade and Handle measures 10.5 cm in length. Total length Blade and Handle 19 cm.

1. Knife protector sheath

1. EVA Hard foam protective tray

Do’s And Don’ts For Ceramic Knives

Do use on recommended surfaces such as wood or plastic cutting boards.

Do always hand wash. Just rinse and wipe clean. This ceramic set is not dishwasher safe and it is not recommended to soak them in water for long periods of time.

Do Not use these knives for carving; boning; chopping; smashing; stirring in hot temperatures.

Do Not bend or drop if you can help it.

Do Not use to cut frozen or hard foods