CHEFPRO CROWN Delighted With Customer Response To Launch Of It’s Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set


CHEFPRO CROWN Are Pleased To Announce That Their New Paring Knife & Vegetable Peeler Set Is A Hit…It’s Official!

Two weeks after launching their Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Peeler Set in the USA on Amazon, CHEFPRO CROWN have announced that they are delighted with the response to the product. A spokesperson for the company said;

“The customer feedback and sales we are getting far exceeded our expectations for this point in the launch. We are extremely happy with the response. The reviews we have been getting are great and show that when you produce a quality product it is appreciated by customers”

CHEFPRO CROWN launched their ultra sharp ceramic paring knife and vegetable peeler set on 19th January 2016 to give customers an introduction to ceramic kitchenware at a very affordable price so that those who were knew to using ceramic kitchenware would be able to get an idea of the benefits that ceramics have over their steel counterpart. Ceramic knife blades are extremely sharp and light and can stay sharp without the need to sharpen for up 10x longer than their steel equivilent. They also dont rust and their smooth ceramic surface makes them impervious to bacteria.

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What Reviewers on Amazon are saying about the CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra Sharp Ceramic Knife & Peeler Set;

“This is a delightful set and the makers, CHEFPRO CROWN are to be commended as it truly is ultra sharp and that as we all know makes cutting and slicing not only and easy task but and enjoyable one as well. There is nothing I would like to see different about this set. I will be recommending it not only to family and close friends but to everyone. Opinions expressed are based on my time with this set and I did receive this at a slight discount for the purpose of trial and examination.”


“It fits nicely in your hand is very comfortable to use. It sliced easily through potatoes and carrots and cut like butter through a tomato. This is my new favorite kitchen knife. The peeler is equally nice and peeled through five pounds of potatoes with ease. I am really impressed.”


“When someone designed this they were thinking. I love products like that. The Chefpro Crown set is something i feel most cooks would want in their kitchen drawer.”


“These are AMAZING!”


“The knife is a perfect paring knife


The spokesperson continued, ” We couldn’t have hoped for better reviews than we are receiving for the product. Everyone who has tried the ‘Ceramic experience’ is more than satisfied.”

The CHEFPRO CROWN Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set is currently on Amazon US at a 60% discount promotional sale price of just $11.99 – reduced from $29.99


CHEFPRO CROWN are manufacturers and distributors of kitchenware products. The Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Vegetable Peeler Set can be found exclusively on Amazon USA. Look out for special addition discounts on the website of the company at